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Ignoring Your Traffic Tickets Could Be More Troublesome Than You Expect

In a busy world of juggling work and family obligations, dealing with traffic tickets can easily slip off your radar. From speeding to forgetting to use your turn signal, routine traffic stops often result in a ticket. In Texas, it is essential to take care of your outstanding traffic violations in a timely manner.

If you have outstanding traffic tickets, your license could be suspended or you could end up with a warrant for your arrest. Hiring an attorney is important to help with reducing fines, keeping points off your driving record and avoiding increased insurance premiums.

If your license gets suspended, your family, work and social life can be negatively impacted as you arrange for alternative and less convenient transportation. Criminal defense attorney Bethel T. Zehaie knows the nuances of traffic court matters and can help you seek favorable results. Contact our office in Arlington right away for a consultation.

When Was The Last Time You Checked Your Driving Record?

Our experienced legal services include giving you an overall evaluation and thorough check of your driving record, posting bond if your ticket is in warrant status, going to court to negotiate a dismissal or keeping the citation off your record.

Ms. Zehaie can also help you obtain an occupational license if your license is suspended due to outstanding tickets.

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